SANITIZED AG appoints Dr. Martin Čadek as CTO of its Competence Centre for Technology & Innovation

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Dr. Martin Čadek, CTO SANITIZED AG. (Photo: ©SANITIZED AG, PR042)

Swiss-based SANITIZED AG is increasing its innovation expertise by appointing a new CTO, Dr. Martin Čadek, who will oversee global technological activities for the specialist antimicrobial hygiene brand. Dr. Čadek will lead the company’s Competence Centre for Technology Innovation and will focus on breaking new ground to develop innovations in sustainability.

Dr. Čadek is a graduate physicist with a master’s degree in polymer science with many years of experience in the industry working with polymers, fibres, industrial textiles, and extruded polymers. He is joining SANITIZED AG from his most recent role as Managing Director for the German subsidiary of the Flint Group. His previous roles include the Global Head of Innovation for Energy and Polymer Systems at Evonik/Orion, the Head of the Extrusion Technology Business Unit in Europe for Emerell AG, and work with the SGL Group.

The Competence Centre for Technology & Innovation

The Competence Centre for Technology & Innovation will provide services to all three of SANITIZED’s business units: Textiles, Polymer Additives, and Coatings and Preservation. It will be built on top of SANITIZED’s TecCenter for Analytics, Microbiology and Applications and its regulatory department.

Michael Lüthi, CEO of SANITIZED AG, is delighted to welcome such a highly experienced new member of the SANITIZED team: “Martin Čadek understands, lives and breathes our philosophy of thinking and acting with customers and solutions in mind, where sustainability plays a crucial role.”

Dr. Čadek believes that it is important for SANITIZED’s customers to benefit from the company’s technological and innovation expertise in more ways than just products. “The team at SANITIZED AG also provides the industry with reliable and expert assistance in using our technologies,” explains the new CTO, who places great value on long-term collaboration with customers and partners. Dr. Čadek is also keen to establish fresh long-term relationships with new customers and partners to bring the benefits of working with SANITIZED to a wider market.

Sanitized® adding value since 1935

Sanitized® enhances textiles, polymer products as well as paints and coatings. The company develops its innovative technologies in Switzerland and markets them worldwide. The Sanitized® additives ensure odour-free textiles, the responsible protection of paints and treat polymers permanently with a hygiene function and material protection.

The all-embracing service for customers is unique: Standardized tests in the TecCenter, technical and regulatory advice, and marketing support. Manufacturers and consumers have relied on the globally trusted Sanitized® brand for decades. It enables differentiation in the market and creates tangible added value for customers.