MICAM Milano presents “Scarpe da Favola” – “Fairy-tale shoes”

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Inspired by the #micamtales communication campaign, the book presents three contemporary fairy tales based on classic fairy stories, narrating the dreamlike dimension of footwear that reaches its highest expression in Italy’s many footwear brands

The story of dreamy Italian footwear is told in the book of your dreams! International footwear exhibition MICAM Milan presents “Scarpe da Favola” (“Fairytale Shoes”), a book inspired by the #micamtales communication campaign and the world of fairy tales which between February 2020 and February 2023 has provided the setting for the many stories told by exhibitors through their footwear collections: an original way of representing the fantastic world of quality footwear made with passion, creativity, and innovation. At each edition of MICAM, special displays in the MICAM Tales Square have transported visitors into a fairy-tale world. At each edition of MICAM, special displays in MICAM Tales Square took visitors into the world of fairy tales.

As an epilogue to the #micamtales project, Assocalzaturifici, with the support of MICAM, has created an iconic volume entitled “SCARPE da favola” (“Fairy-tale Shoes”), telling the story of the most beautiful and extraordinary shoes made by some of the most important Italian footwear brands.

“We used the world of fairy tales as a pretext to tell the virtuous story of all those companies that continue working hard to stay competitive, never giving up,” comments Giovanna Ceolini, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM. “We chose to use fantasy and irony to promote the know-how of 95 Italian footwear companies at the 95th edition of the event, telling a story about the sensations quality footwear can offer the wearer. The theme maintained continuity with the MICAM editions of past years, and provided a unique opportunity for the people who come up with footwear design concepts to speak directly to the market”.

The stories contained in the book “Scarpe da Favola” are by author Lucia del Pasqua, with illustrations by artist La Fille Bertha and a preface by Professor Lorenzo Cantoni. The 95 participating brands were divided according to their mood among the 3 fairy tales: MICAM in Wonderland – eclecticism, MICAM Glass Slipper – elegance, and MICAM of Oz – adventure. The author and illustrator enriched the narrative with new developments and imaginative details adding new luster to the dream shoes and making the heroines of the stories into true models of contemporary women: writer and activist Luce, digital entrepreneur Gloria, and Verdelia, an idealistic shopkeeper. This wide-ranging communication project combats stereotyping of all kinds with the aim of inspiring new generations of footwear entrepreneurs, whose acumen, fortitude, and ironic touch will help them make their dreams come true.

At the forthcoming edition of MICAM Milan, from 19 to 22 February 2023, visitors will be able to see a virtual exhibition of the book set up in the MICAM Tales Square in Pavilion 3 and pick up a free copy of the book. On the 19th and 20th of February, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the illustrator and author will be available to autograph the book.

Credits: Creative direction & graphic design: MM Company x Laureri Associates

Art Direction: Marco Magalini & Manuel Barbieri

Preface: Lorenzo Cantoni

Texts: Lucia del Pasqua

Illustrations: La Fille Bertha

Translations: Interlingua

Print: Grafiche Antiga spa with vegetable ink

Paper: Fedrigoni recycled papers (Woodstock FSC, Arena Bulk FSC, Freelife Kendo FSC, Symbol Freelife satin FSC)

We look forward to seeing you from the 19th to the 22nd of February, 2023! In the meantime, keep following us on our social media channels.





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