Jury presents Eco Performance Award and Performance Award for innovative summer fabrics 2025


 PERFORMANCE DAYS: Two fabric innovations convince a jury

  The PERFORMANCE DAYS team looks forward to welcoming trade fair visitors on March 15-16, 2023, as usual on the grounds of Messe München exhibition center in Hall A1. The fair will take place as a hybrid event, which means visitors will also have the opportunity to follow the event online in digital form. In addition, all relevant information, current trends, and extended tools are available to interested parties online all year round via The Loop platform. The jury also got together for the spring/summer 2025 season to sift through the latest fabrics and select the most exciting innovations for the PERFORMANCE FORUM. Subsequently, not just one, but two prizes were awarded. Along with the PERFORMANCE AWARD, an ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD was also awarded.

 Full marks from the jury: Two AWARDS for the new season The spring edition of PERFORMANCE DAYS 2023 will showcase the fabric highlights along with accessory trends in the individual categories for the spring/summer season 2025 at the PERFORMANCE FORUM. Also in summer, the high level of innovation and quality of many submitted fabrics is not only yet again striking, but also in the context of this year’s Focus Topic, the low carbon footprint. “At the end of our roadmap for our Focus Topic “On the Road to CO2 Neutrality”, it became apparent that a low carbon footprint is already a decisive criterion in production for many manufacturers. This means that in the future we will be able to fulfill our goal of enabling visitors to make the best decision in terms of material selection, in terms of CO2 neutrality, and ultimately also in terms of textile recyclability” explains Marco Weichert, General Manager of PERFORMANCE DAYS. The jury was particularly smitten by two fabric innovations, with two manufacturers receiving full marks. On the one hand, for its consideration of sustainable aspects, and secondly for its technical components. Thus, in addition to the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD, which went to Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd., a PERFORMANCE AWARD was presented to Green Threads Inc.

In the Marketplace, as usual, visitors also have the opportunity to view more than 20,000 exhibitors’ products, including the fabric highlights of the individual categories which the PERFORMANCE FORUM has to offer. In order to provide visitors with as realistic a feel, design, and structure as possible, the PERFORMANCE FORUM has been equipped with new 3D technology, including innovative tools such as 3D images, video animations, and U3MA files for download.

Sustainable with technical aspect: ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD goes to “RY0310-011” from Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd. The fabric is a blend of 80 percent TencelTM and Abacá fiber. The fiber is also known as Manila hemp, which is extremely similar to banana fiber and is originally native to the Philippines. Sustainable natural fiber has several strengths – from its sustainable extraction to its durability. The material is also lightweight, making it the ideal summer fabric, being three times more tear-resistant than cotton. It can absorb up to 30 percent moisture without feeling damp and is also especially easy to take care of. The dried fibers of the Abacá plant are processed into fine paper, which is then cut into strips and spun into a particularly tear-resistant yarn. Unlike other natural fibers, Abacá plants require no pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation. Growing Abacá plants can reduce erosion, increase biodiversity and enrich the soil. Jury Statement: “The banana fibers lend the fabric a technical component. The look is extraordinary, demonstrating the courage to be edgy, and fitting in well with the current zeitgeist. The extremely lightweight fabric also convinces with a good feel and is ideal for a trendy summer look.”

Lightweight, technical & sustainable: PERFORMANCE AWARD goes to “CWA1219DW0” from Green Threads Inc. The fabric „Lightest Rec. PA Downproof Ripstop“ from the “Lightweight & Downproof” category is made of 100 percent recycled polyamide. At an unbeatable 18 grams per square meter, the material is one of the lightest ripstop down-proof qualities around. That’s also what makes it so special. Manufactured according to the latest technical standards, the fabric is made from 4 and 7-denier multi-fibers obtained from mechanically recycled polyamide. The surface consists of a PFC-free, yet water-repellent layer. On the inside, a water-based acrylic coating is used, making the material resistant. Jury Statement: “The incredible lightness of this material innovation convinced us all equally. What’s particularly exciting about it is that despite its low weight, the fabric impresses with outstanding performance, and is therefore ideally suited for down jackets, lightweight windbreakers, and sleeping bags.”

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