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 As the trendsetter and top innovation leader in the Turkish mattress market with an emphasis on healthy sleep and a desire to serve athletes and sports enthusiasts, İşbir Bedding found the ideal partner in Hologenix® and its CELLIANT® infrared technology. The Energy CELLIANT® mattress is the first pure white CELLIANT mattress to be offered in Turkey. It marries the superior sleep technology of İşbir mattresses with the distinct advantages of CELLIANT, a natural blend of bioceramic minerals which, when embedded into textiles, converts body heat into infrared energy to help consumers sleep better and recover faster from physical activity. The fact that major sportswear brands like Under Armour and Tecnica are long-term partners of Hologenix and that İşbir is a key sponsor of national volleyball and football teams helped seal the partnership.  

“We continue to emphasize that mattresses are, first of all, health products and that proper sleep resulting from the proper choice of mattresses will have a significant impact on human life in general,” said Hamdi Ünal Akmeşe, Chief Operating Officer of İşbir Bedding, whose products are sold in 25 countries. “We are excited about the partnership with Hologenix and incorporating the health and wellness benefits of CELLIANT into our product line for athletes and those who are athletically minded.” 

An energetic way to start the day, the Energy CELLIANT mattress has a cover infused with CELLIANT, a high-density, next-generation ViscoStar Aeromax Comfort Layer that adapts perfectly to the body and a V2 Active Zone Pocket Spring Support Layer, which consists of specially designed 7-zone pocket springs. The Energy CELLIANT mattress is suitable for any sleep position and is ideal for users who prefer a medium to firm mattress. The mattress is also available in a variety of sizes for both junior and adult athletes. 

The Energy CELLIANT mattress helps the body recover after sports or intense activity thanks to the infrared technology and comfort layers. The CELLIANT fabric helps the body thermoregulate, whether you run hot or cold, for a more comfortable sleep experience. CELLIANT minerals help to increase energy levels by reflecting body heat lost during sleep back to the body in the form of infrared energy, so consumers wake up refreshed. From restful sleep to faster recovery and increased athletic performance, İşbir’s customers will rest assured that they are getting the most from their mattresses.

“With the Turkish market being a world leader when it comes to textiles, and our emphasis on international expansion, we couldn’t be more excited to work with one of the nation’s best providers of sleep solutions and together help redefine sleep for the sports-minded,” concluded Seth Casden, Hologenix CEO and co-founder.


About Hologenix and CELLIANT

Hologenix, LLC, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, California, is a materials science company innovating products that energize all aspects of life. Its flagship product, CELLIANT®, is a science-backed infrared (IR) technology that improves health and wellness by promoting restful sleep and enhancing performance and recovery. CELLIANT’s natural blend of IR-generating minerals is embedded into fibers, yarns, and fabrics, powering bio-responsive textiles. CELLIANT is a key ingredient used by world-class brands in products spanning apparel, sleepwear, bedding, upholstery, uniforms, and medical supplies. CELLIANT is rigorously tested by a Science Advisory Board composed of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, and diabetes and wound care. The Science Advisory Board has overseen 10 peer-reviewed published studies that collectively demonstrate CELLIANT’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy.

For more information, visit www.celliant.com


About İşbir Bedding
İsbir Bedding is a subsidiary of İşbir Holding, which used the experience and know-how gathered from İşbir Foam Company in 1997 and invested in the mattress sector with the motto of “Hi-Tech for Healthy and Comfortable Sleep.” The Company’s mission is to invest a remarkable amount in R&D and market research and be the first to introduce new lines of products in Turkey. This is what İşbir Yatak is famous for.

Striving for healthy sleep, İşbir Yatak boasts a dynamic structure that works towards adopting the latest technologies across the globe into its sector through its production technology, investments, an innovative approach, and R&D units. It is the first producer of open-cell viscoelastic mattresses and the first company to introduce Visco technology to Turkey. İşbir Yatak has 218 “Sleep Centers,” that only sell sleep products with experts in mattresses, beds, and sleep health. Thanks to its endeavors, consumer perceptions of beds have changed from merely promotional products and household items into health products. İşbir Yatak positions itself as the market leader in the mainly A+ and A- consumer segments of the Turkish mattress market. Its products are sold in 25 countries under the İşbir Bedding name.

For more information, visit www.isbiryatak.com


Source: www.celliant.com

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