Discover our latest leather and performance coatings innovations at ACLE 2023

ACLE 2023 is fast approaching and we’re looking forward to sharing our latest leather and performance coatings innovations with you. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect:
Renewable carbon technologies
We’ll be discussing our latest advances in low-impact, renewable carbon-based solutions for leather and synthetics. These include Stahl Ympact®, our range of high-performance leather solutions made with renewable feedstocks, and the Stahl NuVera® range of renewable carbon polyurethanes for synthetics.
Bisphenol-free solutions
In line with the recently announced restrictions by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Stahl is developing the technology to produce bisphenol-free systems and other products, while phasing out bisphenols across our product range. Read more
Join our special ACLE presentation Solutions for Bisphenol at 12:00 p.m. on 30 August, and hear about the steps we’re taking to become a market leader in bisphenol-free solutions for leather production.
Flexible tanning innovations

Discover our range of flexible tanning solutions designed to help leather manufacturers and tanners reduce their environmental impact. From specialty to advanced, hybrid, and completely metal-free tanning, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet your exact needs.

Stahl Stay Clean® technology
Developed by Stahl’s Performance Coating division, Stahl Stay Clean® is our advanced protective coating for leather and synthetic materials. Learn about the benefits of our stain-resistant, anti-scratch coating technology that adds a robust protective layer to leather and synthetics. Read more

Our Stahl and PielColor brands in one place

In 2021, Stahl fully integrated our Stahl and PielColor leather coatings portfolios. This means that ACLE visitors to the Stahl booth will be able to explore our full range of solutions – including our Magic Line leather finishing range and our low-impact water-based topcoats. Read more

Hear about all these innovations and more at our dedicated Stahl booth – Hall E2, Booth D13. Contact Karin Lee, Regional Marketing Manager for Greater China, to arrange a meeting.

See you at ACLE!
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