How sustainable construction works – bio-based aerogel fibres replace synthetic insulation materials

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Presentation of the certificate for 1st place in the business plan competition KEUR.NRW 2023 to the RWTH start-up SA-Dynamics; from left to right: Oliver Krischer (Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the State of NRW), Sascha Schriever (SA-Dynamics); Maximilian Mohr (SA-Dynamics); Jens Hofer (SA-Dynamics); Christian Schwotzer (SA-Dynamics)

 SA-Dynamics wins KUER.NRW Business Plan Competition 2023

The Aachen-based start-up SA-Dynamics is developing sustainable, bio-based and biodegradable insulation materials made from aerogel fibres, thereby setting new standards in resource-saving construction. Dr Sascha Schriever (Institut für Textiltechnik ITA), Maximilian Mohr (ITA), Dr Jens Hofer (ITA Postdoc) and Dr Christian Schwotzer (Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering IOB), who trained at RWTH Aachen University, were awarded first place in the KUER.NRW Business Plan Competition 2023 and prize money of €6,000.

NRW Environment Minister Oliver Krischer honoured the winners on 4 December 2023 at the Ministry of the Environment in Düsseldorf, Germany. Bio-based aerogel fibres – the stars in the construction sky SA-Dynamics relies on the impressive properties of aerogel fibres: they have excellent insulating properties, are lightweight, durable, robust, versatile and can be processed very well on conventional textile machines thanks to their flexibility. This makes them comparable to polystyrene, but still sustainable, as SA Dynamics uses bio-based and biodegradable raw materials.

“We can revolutionise the construction world with bio-based aerogel fibres,” explains ITA founder Dr Sascha Schriever proudly. “If all insulation materials in construction are converted to bio-based aerogel fibres, all builders can realise their dream of a sustainable house.”

SA Dynamics has come a good deal closer to its founding goal by winning the KUER.NRW 2023 business plan competition. The spin-off from Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) and the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) at RWTH Aachen University is scheduled for spring 2025.

KUER.NRW | Green Start-ups North Rhine-Westphalia supports founders and start-ups in the future-oriented sectors of climate, environment, energy efficiency and resource conservation (KUER). Specially accredited KUER mentors, specialists, industry experts and angel investors accompany them through all phases of their start-up – from brainstorming and drawing up the business plan to company formation, market launch and financing, individually tailored to their needs. KUER.NRW promotes innovations for a green economy in NRW. KUER.NRW is organised by pro Ruhrgebiet e.V. and Business Angels Deutschland (BAND) on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. A total of 11 teams from 37 participating teams qualified for the KUER.NRW 2023 business plan competition (Source: www.kuer.nrw).


Source: www.ita.rwth-aachen.de

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